Our Services

Technology is my forte and passion. If it involves a keyboard and mouse and the internet, I can help you!

Boots-Up conveniently provides convenient On-Site service at your business or home. You can also enjoy Drop-Off service, all you need to do is contact us to schedule an appointment. Appointments are neccesary since I am a one man show, I may not be around when you arrive. Please be sure to telephone to ensure that someone will be there to recieve your computer.

My experience has shown that all problems are best handled either on-site or on my workbench. In order for you to recieve the best and reliable service, I must physically see your computer. Phonecalls are always welcome for general questions, but phone support is not available. So please be sure to call and schedule an appointment.

Available Services

Please keep returning to learn about news and developments at Boots-Up Computer Service LLC.


Enable all of your computers in your office to share resources such as printers and shared network drives.

Wide Area Networking (WAN)

Access remote computers and printers from your branch office, home or anywhere there is an internet connection. Do it all via a secure encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Wireless Networking

Share an internet connection at your business or home. Your wireless access can be extended outdoors.

Wireless Hotspot

Allow open or restricted guest access to your internet connection while safely protecting your own from prying eyes. Why can't your business offer internet access like the fast food joints and coffee shops.

Computer Repair

As an A+ and Microsoft certified technician, you are guaranteed profesional level service. I can take care of virus and malware removal as well as ensuring that your valuable pictures and files are safely backed up.

Video Surveilance

Monitor your business or home even while you are away. You can even go back in time to observe possible events.

Graphic Design & Printing

Business cards, brochures, flyers, newspaper ads even billboards, I do it all!

Websites & Website Hosting

We specialise in creating adaptive webpages that scale to fit any device such as cellphones, tablets and ipads as well as laptops and desktop computers..


Do you need a DVD or a web video made to showcase your business or talent? Using state of the art audio equipment and quality Canon optics, I can produce video that you can be proud of.